26 May 2009

Long Time Away

I have not posted anything in a very long time, partly because of school, and partly because of work. I am finally done with another semester at school but this one has been very stressful. I did better in classes I thought I would do bad in, and bad in classes I thought I would do good in. I feel like I got screwed out of a grade in one of my classes, but I think I am getting it taken care of. I would really like to transfer to UT or NYU. (try telling my parents, and you'll understand why I am at WKU.)

31 March 2009

Bowling Green Menu's

As I was browsing Twitter last night, I came across a site that was posted for our local Bowling Green area. This site allows us to access menu's for restaurants in our area, which makes it easier for us as we go to place an order over the phone or online. You can upload your businesses menu on this website, which will also promote your business in our area. O'Charley's and Buffalo Wild Wings (B-Dub's) are a few of the local restaurants that are publicising their restaurant on this site. if you would like to visit or seek more information visit:

30 March 2009

UK inching closer with John Calipari


After UK's 2008-09 collegiate basketball season, the University parted ways with their coach. Billy Gillespie was fired after two years, and offered 6 million dollars as was promised in his contract. Gillespie was hired with an eight year contract that was terminated after two. UK has been known as an elite basketball team throughout their history, but Gillespie did not meet these standards. Gillespie barely brought his team to be eligible for the NCAA tournament in the 2007-08 season, and was in eligible in the 2008-09 season. Cat fans have thrown many big names into the rumor mill that Kentucky is interested in, but it has proven that John Calipari may be that man. Today Kentucky was given permission by University of Memphis to speak with Calipari, and was offered as much as 6 million dollars per year to sign on with Kentucky. If Calipari signed with Kentucky, he would be the highest paid coach in college basketball, beating Tom Izzo and Billie Donovan (to name a few.)

23 March 2009

Get Out While You Can!!

Everyday my apartment complex tries to sucker me into renewing my lease! I refuse to live in hell for another year! When you move, really look at the apartment complexes around... never settle for just 'so so.'

04 February 2009

If I ever get that old

As I have spent time in the hospital over the past few weeks, I have realized a few things. I would like to let all of my friends and family know that if I become so old that my feet become crusted over, please, do not resuscitate me. If I become so old that I cannot enjoy life, and could not tell what is going on around me, please... do not resuscitate me. If I become so out of shape I cough up fluid every other minute; please... do not resuscitate me.